Growing up in California, I have been following the news from Sacramento for quite a while. Lately, I see a toxic partisan and special-interest atmosphere that dominates the environment in the Capitol, and precludes any meaningful progress on the most important issues.


I am not a career politician. I did not study Government or Political Science in college. Rather, I earned degrees in Computer Science and Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell University, and an MBA from The Wharton School, because I love both creating valuable products and services, and growing the businesses that create them.

Since I moved to Mountain View 5 years ago, I've been an active member of my community (my wife sometimes says, too active!). While my actions demonstrate my dedication to my local community, there are some problems that cannot be solved locally. 

Two issues that I care passionately about are education and the outrageous amount of state debt we have piled up.

I am so committed to solving these state-sized problems that I am willing to do whatever it takes, including taking leave of the local community and family I love, to represent our desire for positive change in Sacramento._MG_2882_crop.png

To safeguard my ability to act in the best interests of my constituents, fellow Californians, and Americans, I have staked out principled if unconventional positions on political endorsements and campaign fundraising. I welcome your feedback on these positions.

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